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WinMHT - Help

Browsing the Web

WinMHT can be used to browse the Internet in much the same way, as you would use Internet Explorer. It contains an address field for typing in the URL of the site you wish to browse and buttons for browsing forward and back and stopping and refreshing pages.

Creating a new Web Archive

To create a new Web Archive (.mht file):
  1. Select File | New Web Archive (F2) from the main menu
    or click on the New... button on the main toolbar.
  2. Rename the file if required keeping the .mht file extension

Saving Web Pages to a Web Archive

To save Web pages using WinMHT to a Web archive:
  1. Browse a Web page within WinMHT.
  2. Select the Web Archive that you would like to save your Web page to
  3. Select File | Add Current Page (F7) from the main menu
    or click on the Add button on the main toolbar.

WinMHT Options

To enter the Options dialog:
On the View menu, click Options. The following options are available. 1. Insert page information in every saved page
This option can be disabled only in the registered version of WinMHT. It adds basic information at the bottom of each page such as the date it was saved and the original URL. A link to the Web archive Table of Contents is also added to make navigating between pages in an archive more efficient.

2. Insert a Table of Contents at the start of each Web Archive
When this option is checked, a Table of Contents page is automatically generated and added to the beginning of Web archive so that it is the default page that is displayed when an mht file is viewed in a browser.
This option can only be disabled after WinMHT is registered.

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