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1. How do I access a password protected site using WebZIP?

The way you download from a protected area on a web site is as follows:-

  1. Open the site using your Internet browser.
  2. Enter your usename and password.
  3. Enter the protected area.
  4. You will now see the URL for the protected page.
  5. While still in the protected area set a task in WebZIP to download starting at the URL of the protected page.
  6. Session cookies only allow you access a protected area for the duration of your visit therefore you must start the download within the protected area while browsing.

2. What does "A required DLL file, HHCTRL.OCX was not found" mean on installation and how can I fix this?

WebZIP 3.x now requires IE4 (Internet Explorer) or above to be installed on a users system. WebZIP uses some IE4/5 components internally to download files from a website and for its integrated browser, and some exciting new features.

If IE4/5 is not installed you will likely receive the following error message upon starting WebZIP:

"A required DLL file, HHCTRL.OCX was not found" -or- " Class not Registered "

You can use whichever browser you prefer to browse the resulting downloaded web sites, but you will require IE4 or above for WebZIP to function.

To obtain the latest version of IE visit: Microsoft

3. How do I stop the insertion of banner ads by WebZIP?

Registered users can stop the insertion of ad banners into downloaded Web pages. This is done through WebZIP's Preferences Dialog:

  • On the View menu choose Options and then Preferences.
  • Under General Settings, check the "No Ad Banners" option.

This option is enabled only in the registered version of WebZIP.

4. Can I still use WebZIP after the 28 day evaluation period?

Yes. We encourage you to continue using and updating WebZIP for as long as you like, and to only purchase it when you are totally satisfied.

The shareware version of WebZIP is fully functional for the first 28 days, and allows you to download an unlimited number of pages from a website. After 28 days, WebZIP limits your downloads to 20 pages per website.

This limitation is removed once you purchase and enter your license code.

5. I don't have a credit card. How else can I purchase WebZIP?

WebZIP can also be purchased via cheque or money order. Follow this link for full details.

For details about other purchase methods, such as International Funds Transfer (wire), or sending cash in an envelope through registered post, please contact us at .

6. I ordered WebZIP online and still haven't received a registration code. What should I do?

You should receive a registration code with your receipt from Digibuy.

If you haven't received a registration code with your receipt, contact us immediately via email at .

If you haven't received a receipt from Digibuy, it usually means that the email address supplied with your order is incorrect, or not reachable, or that your order hasn't gone through.

7. I have been trying to register WebZIP and my registration code doesn't work. What should I do?

If you can't register WebZIP with your current code, contact us immediately via email at . Please include your Usename, Email Address and the Version of WebZIP that you are using


just send us a copy of your Receipt from Digibuy and the Version of WebZIP you are using so we can send you a new registration code as soon as possible.

8. What should I do if my email address has changed?

If you have changed your email address, contact us immediately via email at . Please include your Usename and the Original Email Address used when ordering


just send us a copy of your Receipt from Digibuy so we can update our records as soon as possible.

9. Do you offer any special K-12 educational pricing/discounts?

No, not on single user licenses. We've tried to keep WebZIP's pricing as low and competitive as possible, for all users. We do however offer quantity discounts for site licenses, starting at 20% for a 5 user site license. For pricing on larger volumes, please contact us at

10. I'm running the latest version of WebZIP and no matter how many connections more I try to configure it to use, it will only utilize two. I've had this problem both under Windows 98 and 2000.

WebZIP now uses Wininet.dll which comes with Win98/NT and IE. This limits the number of active connections.

See http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q183/1/10.ASP for a full explanation, and how to get around it.

11. Can I choose other browsers like: IE or Netscape to view all downloaded files instead of the default browser?

WebZIP downloads Web content and saves it in its orginal HTML format. Therefore you can simply open up the downloaded Web pages in your preferred browser. There is no requirement to use WebZIP to browse the downloaded site.

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